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Rathbun Lake Marina

Experienced Management

Our management team brings over 35 years of combined marina management experience to the table.  All of their experience was earned on Rathbun Lake at either the Rathbun and/or Southfork marina.  There is no substitute for experience.  The general manager is the caretaker of the marina grounds and docks and the retail manager is the primary contact for customer service. Together they work tirelessly to provide the best support possible to our customers.



Whether it's mowing the grounds, dock service, retail work, or housekeeping, Rathbun Lake Marina's staff is top-notch. Training, experience, and talent combine to create a crew that works hard to make sure that your stay with us is a positive experience. Each staff member is willing to help with any issue that may come up during your time with us, and their know-how and can-do attitude lets them handle any problem that comes their way.

​Experienced Ownership

The owners of Rathbun Lake Marina have a wealth of experience and knowledge around boating, marina operations, and much more. By taking a hands on approach to Rathbun Lake Marina they ensure a level of quality and service that is unrivaled. They work with both customers and staff to guarantee that Rathbun Lake Marina provides a wonderful getaway for you and your family. They work hard to make you feel like Rathbun Lake Marina is your home away from home.