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Rathbun Lake Marina

Rathbun Lake - Iowa's Ocean

For all boating styles and activities:
11,000 acres normal pool - Iowa largest usable lake pool
Minimal shoal water - well marked and charted
115 miles of undeveloped park and natural shoreline
Low frequency & magnitude flooding
Newly adopted 2016 water release plan to mitigate fluctuations
Minimal flood debris flow
Excellent water quality - minimal silting
Coves, creeks, channels, & beaches for all uses and boating styles
Nine mile sailing fetch and reliable summer breeze
​Legendary walleye, catfish, and crappie fishing
Destination boating, family friendly and Iowa's best sunsets

Iowa Corps of Engineers Lake Facts:

  • Rathbun Lake is the only Iowa Corps Resevior that does not receive waste water effluent discharge from Iowa's major metro areas.
  • Rathbun Lake is below expected sedimentation levels.  Redrock, Saylorville, and Coralville are ahead of expected levels.  Redrock has had two normal pool level increases since opening to accommodate siltation.
  • Rathbun Lake water quality allows use as both a source of drinking water by RRWA and as a primary fish hatchery by the IDNR. 
  • ​The Rathbun Land and Water Alliance has had a demonstrable impact in efforts to mitigate pollutant discharge into our lake.  The effort continues with goals that will further improve our recreational water
  • ​Variation of normal pool to maximum pool for Iowa Corps of Engineers reseviors - Rathbun 22 feet  Saylorville 48 feet  Coralville 38 feet  Redrock 38 feet