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Rathbun Lake Marina

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 21646 Marina Pl Moravia, Iowa 52571
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Getting Here From Des Moines…

Take Hwy 5 on 4 lanes for 20 minutes (from Carlisle...) to the stop sign at Hwy's 5 & 92. Make a left hand turn and travel 15 minutes to just past Knoxville to the Highway 5 Exit turning right on 2 lanes (lovely scenic drive...) for another 35 minutes, traveling through Lovilia and Albia to the right hand turn at Hwy J18 at Moravia. With another 7 minute drive, including turning left at Hwy J5T you'll be at Buck Creek Marina! Be sure and follow the signs from that left hand turn at Moravia...

Another 10 minutes a little to the south and then to the west on Hwy J5T will take you to Southfork Marina. Again, signs will be your friends. We can give you directions once you visit our fine facilities at Buck Creek otherwise...

Click on the Google Maps provided for detailed directions from your location as well!

Approximately 1:45 to 2 hours overall, depending on your starting point in Des Moines and, of course, your foot and the boat or camper you may be trailering. Enjoy the many things our lake has to offer, less the traffic and boat density you're accustomed to at your local lake. We Promise It's Worth The Drive!


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If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please contact us directly.