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Rathbun Lake Marina

Customer Responsibility

Legal and regulatory environmental requirements will be incorporated into your slip lease contract and rules and regulations. Environmentally preferred best practices for our customers will be extracted from both the program manuals and condensed into a simple manual for your use on the boat.  When complete, simply click on the pdf file here.

Customer Clean Marina Program.pdf

Mission Statement

"The Clean Marina Program is an ongoing endeavor, by the Marina Industry Alliance, determined to provide environmentally clean facilities and protect the State's coastal and inland waters from pollution through compliance of best management practices."


Our Responsibility

We are committed to development and implementation of our marina operational practices and policies that lead to our certification as a Clean Marina by the Marina Industry Alliance.   We expect that it will take approximately one year for the full process, and will require considerable work by our staff, moderate expense, and the full cooperation of our customers.  We do not expect that it will directly financially impact customers, but will require some of your attention and time to comply with the best management practices. Upon final certification, Rathbun Marina will be one of only 147 of approximately 12,000 marinas in the United States, and the only marina in Iowa to achieve this goal. When our written program is complete you may view by a click on the pdf here.

Clean Marina Program.pdf

The Clean Marina Program

"The Clean Marina Program Manual is a comprehensive guide for marina operators to utilize in the development and implementation process.  A U.S. National Park Service guide will also be utilized for reference and supplement.  Combined there is approximately 400 pages of guidance.  If you have interest in some light reading, click on these pdf links.

Clean Marina Program Manual.pdf

NPS Green Marina Guidance Manual.pdf