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Alcohol and lack of use of life jackets far exceed all the other combined contributory factors in boating accidents and fatalities.   Excessive speed and lack of operator experience and training lead the rest of the contributory factors.

Fatality Statistics - Of 658 deaths in 2017:

  • 81% of fatalities occurred on a vessel where the operator had no formal training, license, or certification 
  • 19% of the fatalities were primarily alcohol related.   63%  of fatalities were either primarily caused by or alcohol contributed to the accident.
  • Alcohol is the leading primary and contributory cause of boating accidents and fatalities.  
  • 76% of the victims drowned.  85% of the drowning victims were not wearing a life jacket.
  • ​Excessive speed is also a leading contributory cause of accidents and fatalities.
  • Take a boating skills and safety class, and review and understand the Iowa Boating Laws.
  • Boat responsibly, designate a qualified operator if needed.   BUI = DUI.  Report intoxicated and unsafe boaters to IDNR.
  •  Speed should be limited by lake conditions, visibility, traffic, and operator experience.
  • Life jackets for children is Iowa law.   Life jackets in many other situations is just good common sense.   Safety concerns should trump fashion and comfort concerns for your family and friends.

Collisions, groundings, swamping, rollovers, and persons falling from vessels are all events that have occurred on Rathbun Lake over the past years, unfortunately with fatalities, serious injuries, and significant property damage.  The risk is real.  Life jackets, speed, alcohol, and operator training have been the primary factors in all these events.  Here is what we ask of you:

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Thank you and congratulations for opening this page.  It could save your  life, a family member, a friend, or a fellow boater.  Read the statistics below.   Nothing more need be said.