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Timber Run and Parkers Cove Campgrounds have 132   RV &campsites for overnight and seasonal use. Each site has access to electrical and water services, and a pump out station is located on the marina campus. Additionally, several tent sites are available for use.

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To:  All Rathbun Lake area boaters that utilize the Rathbun Lake Marina Boat Ramps
Subject:  Rathbun Marina ramp use and access to parking
Effective Jan 1, 2022, Rathbun Marina will be offering seasonal or weekend ramp/parking passes to marina affiliated slip holders, campers, and/or hotel guests ONLY.   No other seasonal trailer parking passes will be offered.
This change is a result of: (a.) necessary and justified changes that prioritize available parking use for those patrons that utilize the Rathbun Marina hotel, rental boats, slips, campsites, and/or that patronize the marina sublessees, (b.) maintenance of the number of USACE required parking spaces for USACE patrons from the Buck Creek East facility, (c.) expanding and unpredictable boat-trailer parking demand associated with a currently unlimited offering of seasonal and day use ramp/parking ramp passes, (d.)  a documented cash operating deficit to provide, maintain, and manage the parking and shuttle service, (e.) a general hostile environment created by excessive current usage, lack of voluntary self-pay compliance, and rapidly expanding demand resulting from adjacent area development, and (f.) the Marina is not a trailer parking business.
Therefore, all parking areas are being reconfigured to prioritize car parking in the marina lakefront asphalt and rock parking areas.  All truck trailer parking will be designated in only the Trailer Parking Field (formerly referred to as Lot F).  The total number of truck/trailer parking spaces available will be reduced to approx. one half of the previous truck trailer parking availability, to meet expected Marina customer and USACE Buck Creek East customer generated demand only. 
Ramp Access Only Seasonal Passes will be offered for $125 per season.  Ramp Access Only Day Passes will be offered for $10 per day.  The seasonal or day ramp access only passes do not include parking in the Trailer Parking Field.  However, at the Marina sole discretion a limited number of truck trailer parking passes in the Trailer Parking Field will be offered for an additional $15 per day ($25 total for ramp and parking).  Ramp Access Only Pass holders may utilize Marina public car or cart parking areas as available (not assured) to park a vehicle or golfcart for shuttle to or from their adjacent facilities for retrieval of the trailer and tow vehicle.  Hours of marina shuttle operation are at the sole discretion of the Marina if the service is offered at all.
There will be frequent days this coming season when the Trailer Parking Field will be full and car parking, both permit-only and public, will also be full.  Public access will not be denied but there will be occasions where there is no parking available for either a trailer or a car.
During the weekdays, Mon. thru Thurs. (exclusive of holidays) the marina ramps and parking in the Trailer Parking Field will be open to unrestricted use without fee or permit, including USACE permit holders.
Rathbun Marina has provided the USACE advance notice of proposed changes in policy and fees for review, comment, and/or objection.  After USACE review and input, and several teleconferences, the USACE has approved the changes and affirms the Marina authority to implement the proposed changes.   Rathbun Marina


We have 8 large docks for a variety of  boats.  We will be happy to provide you with rate information and to direct you to any services you may need to prepare and deliver your houseboat, cruiser, or sailboat to our marina.


A cozy 12 room plus one suite hotel overlooking the docks at Rathbun Lake Marina. Each room has a lake view balcony, small refrigerator, 4-cup coffee maker, microwave and Cable TV.